[FSO] Speed gps time to firxt fix up?

lollisoft lothar.behrens at lollisoft.de
Mon Jan 5 01:36:26 CET 2009

I was claiming FSO is meaning the image and not the framework. Meaning 'More
Homework' as a more symbolic
name than milestone 4.1. What exactly was 'mounted' better into my
/dev/brain :-)

But that misunderstanding was cleaned out in this thread.

I have used the following image:

So I think the subject saying [FSO] is also a little bit too less, because
it will be used in
two different contexts eg. the framework versus a complete distribution FSO.
The documentation
itself lists FSO beside SHR and others. 

See http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Distributions 
Stating 'This next release can be previewed by installing milestones of the
FSO - Free Smartphone.Org project.'

This is just my mind about the name FSO.

But what I mean with 'more homework' is as of the readme file from here:

Maybe posting a link to the image directly is more precise, but I have
always searched for
the images link. I have remembered 'more homework' and thus used it in
thought others remember too :-)

I think I also should use 'FSO-image' instead of FSO when meaning the image.

Now, what am I doing:

Testing images and try to get the most hardware components running for my
private usage.
The answer from Fox was to reinstall gpsd and not fso-gpsd and later he went
back. So I tried
this and struggled.

Fox was also not on the FSO image, but on the Debian with FSO framework.
Maybe he could
do that but I am not (FSO image). I think bebause of Zhune.

Beside all that: The newer testing image from here
at least has a partly functioning GPS.

It behaves more unstable thus earlier loss of a fix (in car / behind a
window). The Om2008/9 image as from
http://downloads.openmoko.org/releases/Om2008.9/ has worked much better
inside a room.

This may also be a difference between my microSD cards (factory delivered
Transent SD card / Sandisk SDHC 16GB as reported here 'Booting from large
microSD (SDHC) [success]'). I will test that next time.

Also I should test Om2008/9 with my new microSD card to figure out what it
is exactly.

I hope to be more precise soon :-)

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