Debug Board in Vancouver, BC

Mike Montour mail at
Mon Jan 5 02:21:36 CET 2009

Vasili Sviridov wrote:
> Hello All,
> Since both my previous posts haven't helped me to fix my phone looks 
> like I need to devirginate it. Unfortunately I do not have the debug 
> board, and paying $100 + shipping is a bit steep for just one thing to do.
> Is there anyone in Vancouver, BC that has one and willing to help me to 
> get my Moko working - please respond.

I have a v2 (Neo1973) debug board in Vancouver, but you shouldn't need 
it if you have a Freerunner with a working NOR u-boot.

I haven't read all of the previous messages in this thread so someone 
else might have already said this, but I would:
  - Boot into NOR u-boot
  - Erase the NAND ("nand erase" or "nand createbbt")
  - Exit from the u-boot console
  - Flash a new u-boot ("dfu-util -R -a u-boot -D /path/to/u-boot.bin")
  - Reboot into NAND u-boot, then enter the u-boot console
  - Execute "dynpart", "dynenv set u-boot_env", "saveenv" to set up the 
default environment variables
  - Reboot into NAND u-boot again
  - Download a new kernel + rootfs with dfu-util
  - Fix up the rest of your environment variables through the u-boot 

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