Is it possible to keep ASU Enlightenment profile...

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> Daniel Nöthen wrote:
> >> I want to keep ASU profile because if i switch to illume it keeps 
> >> segfaulting at random actions and intervals...
> >>     
> >
> > I don't know how to use the illume keyboard on ASU.
> > But to stop illume segfaulting all the time you need to
> > set the the "Engine" from SOFTWARE_16 to SOFTWARE
> > in the "wrench-menu".
> >
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> I'll try the SOFTWARE fix. Thanks.
> Yeah, I've looked into in, and since Illume is E's module with keyboard 
> integrated it'd be impossible to use it standalone.
> That brings the question - why such a coupled design??

it's more efficient. starts faster. uses less ram. re-uses buts of e's core
to save duplication of work and it just was easier. but its available any time
if u use e +illume - it just may have been made very hard to access by system
integrators. if u want to use illume's keyboard outside of e - well you can't.
but if u have e (and the illume module) you can. it's lurking there waiting to
be turned on.

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