[FSO] Speed gps time to firxt fix up?

Fox Mulder Quakeman1 at gmx.net
Mon Jan 5 11:52:47 CET 2009

lollisoft wrote:
> The answer from Fox was to reinstall gpsd and not fso-gpsd and later he went
> back. So I tried
> this and struggled.
> Fox was also not on the FSO image, but on the Debian with FSO framework.
> Maybe he could
> do that but I am not (FSO image). I think bebause of Zhune.

Maybe you misunderstood me because i never said to "reinstall gpsd and
not fso-gpsd". I only said that i was having a hard time with older
fso-gpsd but now it works quite good. And i said that you should be sure
not to have both installed at the same time.
Only fso-gpsd is useable when using the fso-framework. And we both use
fso-framework, you with fso-image and me with debian. And therefore the
principles for gps configuration are the same.

I hope we are now back to a common ground. :)


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