Database applications practical on mobile device ?

lollisoft lothar.behrens at
Mon Jan 5 15:32:39 CET 2009

I am glad to read this :-)

My project is far away from being comparable with GNU enterprise.
But it will do basic things for database applications.

I will describe a bit more what the project is capable:

First, I think about how a developer could do application development.
Therefore I found, that UML is a good starting point to model a basic
ER like database design. But it is more a class design, because while
start designing, I also be capable to specify more than 'tables' and it's
relations. I also capable of specifying what relation also has a button on
the screen to jump to (based on the relation).

That way I could define simple actions like the master detail forms or
master forms.

If the UML model (first design step) is ready to try, just export as XMI 1.4
do import into my application. Then restart and test the application (it has
created a database schema as of postgresql or sqlite).

So you could test the application with it's fields and discuss about
probably missing
fields or some other physical data related issues (type of field,...).

If that step is done, you have the following choices:

Export to XML and use XSLT to translate the model to whatever you want (eg.

I plan a commercial module that does the step at once and other features.
(My code is LGPL licensed)


Joseph Reeves wrote:
> Hi Lother,
> I'm part of a small team currently working on database applications
> for the FreeRunner. We would be extremely interested in your work.
> The most attractive solution we've seen so far is GNU Enterprise
> Tools, although I have had little luck making this work on the phone.
> We would prefer to use a GUI generated with wxPython, but my brief
> attempts to get it running on Openmoko failed. I decided to try a GTK
> interface, but was unable to satisfy GNUE's requirement of Egenix
> DateTime.
> We plan to run Sqlite on the phone with data entered via whatever
> interface we can make work best. We will be synchronising this on
> phone database with a postgesql database in our data centre using a
> version of SqlSync we're currently working on.
> We would be very interested in evaluating / contributing to your
> application.
> Best regards,
> Joseph
> 2009/1/5 lollisoft <lothar.behrens at>:
>> Hi,
>> I like to ask if anyone is wishing to have some database applications on
>> their phone.
>> Or would it practical on such a small device ?
>> I am a developer of an rapid database prototyper capable of generating
>> any
>> source code
>> when prototyping is finished. Thus it will save a lot time when having
>> templates.
>> It's based on wxWidgets and I have seen these libraries on my FR some
>> time
>> ago.
>> Thanks
>> Lothar
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