Default IP Address on All Distributions

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Mon Jan 5 17:36:55 CET 2009

flamma at wrote:
>> Sure. And if we go that way, why not use the proper way of setting a
>> link-local address?
>> * Pick a random address
>> * check that it is free (arp, ping,...)
>> * take it.
>> That has a good chance of working, even for those who
>> routinely connect two phones to the same pc at the same time.
>> Helge Hafting
> I'm not sure to have fully understood you, but I like having the phone
> always on the same address.

There was a suggestion of using link-local addresses.
If we do that, then we had better do it properly, because you
aren't supposed to grab the same link-local address every time. If that
is a problem, the solution is to not use link-local addresses.

As long as you have one phone, a fixed IP address works well. If you
have two or more, it is better if they are different or resolves the
colission automatically. And then we might as well use existing 
standards. But perhaps there aren't that many people
managing several phones from one pc.

Helge Hafting

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