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> > Hello there,
> >
> > Pascal d'Hermilly wrote:
> > > With 2008.12 release, a well working finger-friendly keyboard is the
> > > most critical missing feature for me.
> > > I've made a mockup of a keyboard that I think would make things a lot
> > > easier to type.
> > >

I think, the current Raster's Keyboard great for potrait mode. For landscape
mode(i.e holding neo sideways) however, the keyboard does not utilize the
extra space. What we need is, imho, a keyboard that would increase in size
to take up the extra space in this landscape mode. That way we'll be able to
type even faster. If we could add that fuctionality to raster's keyboard,
then it'd be just great.

Just my INR 0.02.

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