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Jan Henkins jan at
Tue Jan 6 11:31:26 CET 2009

Hello Xavier,

On Tue, January 6, 2009 09:07, Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
>> I don't get how the dictionnary (illume and qtopia) actually helps to
>> write some word.
> To write "forest" with illume keyboard you just have to type :
> - near the f key
> - near the o key
> - near the r key
> - near the e key
> - near the s key
> - near the t key
> For each key you type, the illume keyboard makes the hypothesis that you
>   probably type near the right key but not exactly on the right key, so
> with these 6 different positions (for "forest") it searches in its
> dictionary all the possible words.
> That's why "for" and "die" come together.

In practice this did not work for me. Reasons for this is partly my lack
of proficiency with the likes of the qtopia k/b, and partly because I type
in multiple languages (one being Afrikaans, which does not have a
dictionary yet, something I would like to do a bit of work on myself a bit
later). A stock finger-friendly qwerty layout without dictionary support
works better in a situation like this.

Jan Henkins

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