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Tue Jan 6 11:37:41 CET 2009


Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) <raster at> writes:
>> what exactly is patented that could not be reimplemented?
>> - completing a word from a dictionary based on the already available  
>> string is done by several keyboard apps (even xvkbd afaik) w/o violating  
>> any patents
> the last bit is patented. matching it to a dictionary (when combined with the
> first 2). this is the patent. when combined with a numberpad and key
> combinations per number - to use a dictionary to auto-guess the key you wanted
> without having to cycle through all keys with multiple presses on a
> key.

But isn't it a "software patent" and therefore unenforceable in any
sane jurisdiction?

It seems many people just can't believe how bad "software patents" are
if they can be enforced. So bad it's hard to imagine.

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