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> 2009/1/6 The Rasterman Carsten Haitzler <raster at>:
> > you do - Terminal.kbd layout - it ships with illume. i designed the kbd
> > engine in illume to allow for straight-through pushing of key presses
> > without a dict int he way. the Terminal.kbd bypasses dict lookup by just
> > emitting keysyms as
> following on from this, would a hybrid of the two (the terminal kb no
> guesses, and the dictionary lookup kb) be possible? it can be very
> frustrating to think a long word will be in the dictionary, type it,
> find it's not in the dictionary, and have to delete it, switch to the
> terminal kb and type it again.
> when the list of possible words comes up, it would be very useful to
> have the kb give the exact sequence of letters, as typed, as one
> option, alongside the dictionary guesses

hold and press -to zoom and select keys. once in the dict - its in. and yes its
possible to make a version of the basic (Default) qwerty that doesnt use the
dict - just do a .kbd file- look at the terminal and default kbd files and work
it out - its easy to figure that one out :)

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