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> SorrI just sent it to fast: here is the end of my message :
> 2009/1/6 kimaidou <kimaidou at>
> > Hi
> >
> > I like the idea to create a new layout with the well known phone
> > arrangement :
> > [    ] [abc] [def]
> > [ghi] [jkl] [mno]
> > [pqrs] [tuv] [wxyz]
> Do you think it will help to type faster with illume keyboard ?

no. as its the same # of keys - same letters, simply laid out differently.
those used to phone keypads who like them much more than qwerty may prefer it -
those used to qwerty will do nothing but swear and curse. my bet is more people
are more proficient at qwerty than at abcdefgh... (those really proficient at
abcdefgh are ALSO likely to be really good at qwerty too - the teenagers and
young people totally addicted to smsing eachother on their phones probably
also are pretty good at tapping away on their instant messengers on their
laptops/desktops - but thats just my bet on the audience).

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