Openmoko keyboard mockup

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at
Tue Jan 6 13:42:53 CET 2009


>> First and foremost, it is us
>> hackers that use this device for now and are supposed to make apps for
>> freerunner and all, and we don't have a damn keyboard;). All this
>> fancy pancy dictionary based guessing is maybe good for normal people
>> writing crappy SMS messages, but not for the current user base, in my
>> opinion.
> you do - Terminal.kbd layout - it ships with illume. i designed the kbd engine
> in illume to allow for straight-through pushing of key presses without a dict
> int he way. the Terminal.kbd bypasses dict lookup by just emitting keysyms as
> opposed to strings. don't like the keys on that .kbd? edit the .kbd file.
> change it yourself! its just text!

Im planning to develop an application, where is a table, and in each column
I want different keyboard layout with different dictionary.

Is it possible to change layout and dictionary on the fly? (ie.
entering in another text input field).

The application would be something, in the first column is only
numbers, so I want a keyboard
with [0..9-.] buttons, and accept only numbers. In the second column I
want to write down what I see (microwave, lamp, soldering iron, etc)
and in the third column I want to write the trademark of it (sony,
samsung, philips, weller, etc) so I want to change the keyboard
numeric and qwerty, and I want to change the dictionary as of input text field.

Is it doable? If so where to start? I know python, and would be glad
to see some debian/ubuntu guide how to start programming in efl. (or
is it a complete development virtualbox/qemu image? it was discussions
about some time ago).

Thank you in advance.


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