Illume keyboard dictionary sorting and normalization

Pander pander at
Tue Jan 6 15:58:55 CET 2009

Pander wrote:
> However it would be desirable that each .kbd file can indicate:
> - predictive mode is not possible, e.g. for numeric keyboards. I don't
> want it to remember my PIN, credit card number, etcetera. (numeric
> keyboard, a real one, without the é, ë, ..)
> - predictive mode is default on, but user can temporarily disable it,
> e.g. when going into a shell (alpha keyboard)
> - predictive mode is defaul off, but user can temporarily enable it,
> e.g. when typing proza inside a shell (terminal keyboard)
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I think the functionality described above is already partly implemented for:
- type NUMERIC
- type ALPHA
settings in the .kbd file. But what behaviour is exactly enabled by the
above types?

Could TERMINAL and NUMERIC by default also be non-predictive?

It is not clear for me from
what effect it has on predictive mode. Also There are many more modes
available like HEX, PASSWORD etc.

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