[FSO/Illume] Program icons not showing up

Ingvaldur Sigurjonsson ingi at telia.com
Tue Jan 6 16:01:11 CET 2009

Helge Hafting wrote:
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
>> This always happens when we're starting to stabilize for a release. Last time 
>> it was something with a missing mimetypes postinst. Raster, any idea what it 
>> can be this time?
> There is definitely a problem with whatever parses the .desktop files.
> Try installing a third party app like openmoocow.
> You get no icon, although the icon file exists.
> Then, remove openmoocow.desktop and recreate it. Use some other
> .desktop file as a template, and enter the correct filename,
> name and icon name. Then you get an icon.
> a problem with "categories" will certainly make an icon disappear,
> but that is not the only way. Enter the options in a different
> order or omit something else, and it may still fail.
> I haven't researched _exactly_ what works, so far I have concentrated
> on making the icons show up when they doesn't.
> Helge Hafting

The problem went away when a new build of e-wm was available i.e.
   'e-wm - 0.16.999.050+svnr38352-r0'

Which build of e-wm do you have ?

Also in previous version of e-wm - *+svnr37988* changing the 'Display 
Type' from 'Icons -> Slider' in 'Illume: Wrench->Launcher' displayed the 
various icons, very strected that is...

- Ingi

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