Openmoko keyboard mockup

kimaidou kimaidou at
Tue Jan 6 16:59:29 CET 2009

Hi Kieran,
+1 for your idea : a toggle fullscreen button would be a great improvement.
I still consider a transparent keyboard will be a good stuff too. By
transparent, I don't mean "you can click on the interface under" , I mean
"you can see what you are writting under the keyboard, but cannot have an
action on the things under". With you "toggle fullscreen" button, the
transparent keyboard would be an improvement.

2009/1/6 Kieran Fleming <kieran.fleming at>

> The most interesting thing about this mockup for me is that it doesn't
> try to make the rest of the UI usable. It reminds me of this keyboard:
> Where the entire screen is a keyboard.
> Perhaps a good way to get this idea working would be to have a
> fullscreen button on the existing keyboard so you can toggle it when you
> want to.
> Kieran Fleming
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