Openmoko keyboard mockup

Eldon Koyle ekoyle at
Tue Jan 6 20:52:47 CET 2009

On  Jan 06 16:59+0100, kimaidou wrote:
> Hi Kieran,
> +1 for your idea : a toggle fullscreen button would be a great improvement.
> I still consider a transparent keyboard will be a good stuff too. By
> transparent, I don't mean "you can click on the interface under" , I mean
> "you can see what you are writting under the keyboard, but cannot have an
> action on the things under". With you "toggle fullscreen" button, the
> transparent keyboard would be an improvement.

  A 'transparent' keyboard would have a high 'coolness' factor, but I
think it would be hard to really see what you are typing (not to mention
the technical limitations pointed out by rasterman).

  Maybe it would be better to have a full-screen input mode where you
can see what will be typed (maybe keep the rightmost 20-30 characters of
the string visible in the keyboard app, then actually pass it to the
program when leaving 'full-screen' mode or pressing 'enter', etc). That
still allows you to see what you are typing with a full-screen keyboard
(which is what it seems most people are wanting from the transparency).

  Extra points could be awarded for allowing applications to give the
keyboard app a description of the 'active' field to be displayed
in a 'full-screen' mode.

Eldon Koyle
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