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Tue Jan 6 22:03:46 CET 2009

>  Maybe it would be better to have a full-screen input mode where you can
> see what will be typed (maybe keep the rightmost 20-30 characters of the
> string visible in the keyboard app, then actually pass it to the program
> when leaving 'full-screen' mode or pressing 'enter', etc). That still allows
> you to see what you are typing with a full-screen keyboard (which is what it
> seems most people are wanting from the transparency).
I think that would be good, though things like tab-completion have to be
considered when inputting to a separate field and dumping the result when

>From Petr:

> actually i tried it now and even with pure "h e l l o" i got to see
> "Gallo, jello, troop, tempo" and was puzzled as you did... then i
> pressed the ^ icon on the left and learned (again) something new :) try
> it!

Unfortunately, that's the list I was referring to. :( I scrolled through the
entire list (there were probably 15 words) and Hello was not present. Seeing
as the letters I hit wrong were adjacent to the target letter, and I would
say "Hello" is far more common than "Gallo", I was really stunned.
Nevertheless, as has been pointed out... Keyboards like that are excellent
for SMS and whatnot... But when it comes to using a terminal, they are
really not very useful.
On a slightly other topic, I've noticed the programs in my phone stack (such
as creating contacts) are smart about when to have the keyboard up. They
automatically bring it up when you visit a page with text inputs. The
terminal needs this feature badly, but many other apps could use this little
bit of intuitiveness as well.


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