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> I also am somewhat surprised by the lack of an excellent code-friendly
> keyboard. I use QWO because it actually has the capability of syntactical
> symbols and is relatively finger-friendly. Still, sometimes you just can't
> beat good ol' fashioned QWERTY. I like the idea, though, of a keyboard that
> takes up the entire screen with just a little space at the top to see what
> you're typing, and once you've finished you can dump the whole mess into
> whatever textbox is focused. A lot more real-estate that way. It doesn't
> have to be transparent either.
> I read most of the explanation of Illume's error-corrective keyboard, and it
> sounded so great, I went and tried it. However, when everything except
> "Hello" was listed when I typed "hdllo" and "hwllo" I gave up on it. :(
> Also, it DESPERATELY needs a reset button to start over on the word, if it's
> not in the list.

yeah - deleting 1 char at a time is nasty. and yes. it seems not to find hello
in the dic - i suspect a bug or 2 in dict matching and stopping a search too
early. again loop around back to "need a better dic format" :)

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