Newbee need direction

Robin Häggqvist robin.haggqvist at
Wed Jan 7 11:55:36 CET 2009

Im a newbee. And would love some help to get in the right direction. I have
looked in to pascal(not very useful but good fun) and java(really basic)
when I was in school but that was a few years ago. Im most intrested in
developing small useful application for the freerunner and as a sideproject
will look in to making apps for the Iphone but that is a side project since
I dont have a Iphone yet and its a diffrent story.

Should I start with the developers guide on the or go and buy a
book? Any "learn to" sites on the web?

What lanugare should I start with?

Does it matter what OS im using on my computer? Im using Ubuntu 8.10.

Im so close to give it up now :-(. I have read but its many roads
and I seem to get lost or stuck every where I go.

/Robin Häggqvist

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