Openmoko keyboard mockup

Ian darkstarsword at
Wed Jan 7 16:31:34 CET 2009

> i'd rather not. 1. trollt.. err.. nokia deserve thanks for the core inspiration
> and initial work on their one - i didn't know how the code worked until later
> but i nutted out how it probably should work just by poking at it. so if anyone
> deserves a patent - it's them. 2. i'd rather this be well publicised and "out
> there" code in the public eye - so the idea is widespread and well known - thus
> serves as prior art pretty much making it impossible for someone to come along
> and patent the idea and make things a pain. get the ideas out there in code -
> in the public eye with a trail of history so it's available for everyone to see
> and use. if someone implements a better kbd but steals the same idea - i'm
> sticking my thumbs up going "good on-ya mate!" i want users and the community
> to benefit. 3. i fundamentally disagree with software patents - or at least the
> way they have been implemented. the vast majority i have seen are neither novel
> nor "non-obvious to someone skilled in the art". most are incredibly mundane
> straightforward things to "someone skilled in the art" and the system has been
> abused to further greed and misplace credit in the hands of those with more
> lawyers, not those who innovate the most or the best. be that as it may - the
> system is there and we are stuck with it. i'm not a crusader trying to bring it
> down - i don't have the time. got code to write and ideas to make happen :) but
> i hope in my little way i can shake my fist at the system and go "here... prior
> art. take that!". i'll let others fight the good fight in trying to reform the
> patent system. i'm just rattling my chains and moaning in my corner...
> 'brains! brains! braiiiiiins! need moooooore braaaaaaaaains!' :)

Raster... you are my new hero. It's not the first time I've heard this
kind of argument (Andrew Tridgell made a very similar argument at a
CLUG meeting some time ago) and I completely agree with you.

Good work on the keyboard,

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