USB connector broken, cannot charge or boot

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Wed Jan 7 16:38:33 CET 2009

2009/1/7 Matthias Apitz <guru at>

> El día Wednesday, January 07, 2009 a las 04:14:07PM +0100, Pander escribió:
> > When I 'wiggle' the connector the speaker cracks and the red LED blinks
> > 2 times or 3 times of 4 times and that is that. I'll leave it again for
> > a few hours. Really annoying that it won't boot with empty battery or
> > without a battery :(
> >
> > Yesterday I also had a really bad connection with external USB keyboard.
> >  I thought it was the interndiate USB B - USB A converter but now I
> > think it is really the Freerunner...
> What you say brings me to question I have already for weeks:
> When I plug-in the USB connector into the FR the black part of the USB
> connector does not reach the cover of the FR, there is a small distance
> of about 1.5mm, and one can move the connector a bit in the direction to
> the suspend button or external antenna connector... is that normal?
> I don't remember if that was already from the beginning, or not;
> I think this is at least a weak point and could cause damage to the
> electric part of the connector;
> Thx
>        matthias
the USB connector had never reached the "case" of the FreeRunner and the
connector can only make little movements, this with the USB cable's jack and
with the wall charger's jack too.
Although, I've just buyed a car charger (Motorola Fast Rate Car Chrager
P510) wich has a mini-USB connector. This connector is harder to push into
the FreeRunner and the connector seams to go deeper. I think is not a
problem, also standard USB connectos behave in that way.

Have a nice day!

Meluste :-)
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