stupid networking question

Peter Nijs peter at
Wed Jan 7 21:45:20 CET 2009

On my opensuse 11.1 kde installation, Knetworkmanager also _seems_ to do this. 
What really happens is that knetworkmanager tries to also connect with the FR 
on interface usb0. This is because I have set up a rule to autoconnect to a 
wired network with dhcp. For some reason it also applies to usb0 and not only 
eth0. Also, knetworkmanager has only one icon, so it can only show the state 
of one interface at a time. Because of this I cannot see my wlan0 or eth0 
connection is still online, but mostly it is. Maybe your computer has the same 

What I have to do to connect to my FR is, pug it in and wait for 
knetworkmanager to stop trying to connect to it. Than I have to manually 
connect to it using the terminal.

If there is anyone who knows how to stop knetworkmanager from trying to 
connect to usb0, or how to set up knetworkmanager so it does NAT for my FR, 
plaese share your wisdom. But this problem isn't that urgent.


On Wednesday 07 January 2009 02:09:14 Harry L. Lee wrote:
> I have an  eeepcwifi'd into the Net, running ubuntu,but when i plug the
> openmoko into one of its usb ports it goes into wifi reconnection. halp!

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