New Mailing List- Testing

sushama sushama at
Thu Jan 8 08:07:10 CET 2009

Dear Community,

Its my pleasure to announce this new mailing list 'Testing'.
You can subscribe to this mailing list from    :
The idea behind starting this mailing list is to filter out the testing related 
issues/discussions that happen in devel or community mailing list. We 
invite all the community members to join force in helping us test and provide 
more bug reports in making Openmoko a robust product.Thanks to every one for 
all the support and involvement we have had till now and hoping to have this 
continued support through this new mailing list. Your bug reports and     
comments will help us prioritize where we focus our resources.This will go a 
long way in helping us to test the products and having an open phone as robust 
as this which we are all dreaming of.
There are many tricky issues that cannot be verified with a few 
phones/tests. In this scenario, hence it would become more meaningful if we as 
Openmoko and the community can verify this together. We can also have our 
testing reports/plan/test design sent out to the mailing list as and when we 
update them so that we can have all your feedback in helping us achieve our 
common goal, which is - Robust Freed Phone.
See you all in the new mailing list with lots more discussions to shape up the 
future of an open phone.


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