Zhone frequent wake

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Thu Jan 8 10:55:32 CET 2009

> Thank you for your help and sorry I did not get it the first time around.

no problem.

> After much digging, I found that frameworkd is, in fact, sending the
> correct commands to the modem when suspend is called on the framework.
> The problem on my system was that "apm -s" was being invoked directly
> in rules.yaml instead if "Suspend()". After fixing that, power button
> suspend is working great.

sounds like a bug to me. who created that entry in rules.yaml?

> would be nice to have the automatic suspend working as well.

nour sure about the illume/e thing (i do not use it, the wholöe thing of  
decompiling/recompiling those gui files just to insert an additional  
textfield or so is too big a hurdle for me), but automatic suspend is  
somehow available, you basically need only a rule in rules.yaml, there was  
a thread in december i think.
but so far it seems not very intelligent, ie it might even suspend while  
making a call.

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