stupid networking question

Thomas Otterbein th.otterbein at
Thu Jan 8 12:58:09 CET 2009


On my kubuntu (ubuntu with KDE installed by default) using the KDE 
NetworkManager I followed the advices on

but insereted "auto usb0" into /etc/network/interfaces as suggested by arne. 
It looks now like that:

  auto lo
  iface lo inet loopback

  # freerunner
  auto usb0
  allow-hotplug usb0
  iface usb0 inet static
          post-up /etc/network/freerunner start
          pre-down /etc/network/freerunner stop

After a reboot (NetworkManager did not want to play well i.e. did not adopt to 
the changes) I get "Device usb0: unmanaged" and everything works as expected: 
My FR get's configured by /etc/network/freerunner and my (W)LAN-connections a 
correctly handled by NetworkManager.

I guess this solution solves the issue for Ubuntu and all it's derivates too. 
Probably for all KDE-Installations as it seems that the key is to make the 
NetworkManager ignore the usb0-Interface.


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