stupid networking question

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Thu Jan 8 19:21:46 CET 2009

>> It looks now like that:
>> auto lo
>> iface lo inet loopback
>> # freerunner
>> auto usb0
>> allow-hotplug usb0
>> iface usb0 inet static
>> address
>> netmask
>> post-up /etc/network/freerunner start
>> pre-down /etc/network/freerunner stop

> You should only use "auto usb0" or "allow-hotplug usb0" but not both at
> the same time.

Why not?  "auto" is the same as "allow-auto" and nothing says you can't
have "allow-toto eth0" and "allow-tata eth0" and "allow-titi eth0".

So if you have both "allow-hotplug" and "auto" for the same interface,
it just means you want to bring it up at boot and you also want to bring
it up when it gets plugged in.


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