Openmoko keyboard mockup

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Thu Jan 8 22:16:14 CET 2009

Helge Hafting wrote:
> leonardo wrote:
> More important, the patent is about "reduced keyboard disambiguating".
> If the keyboard isn't "reduced", i.e. it has all the keys, then
> that patent doesn't seem to apply.
> The illume keyboard aren't missing any keys for example. It only uses a 
> dictionary because users sometimes miss. There is no ambiguity at all to 
> resolve, only error correction for fat-fingered typing. (T9 does not
> try to resolve wrong-key misses) Disambiguating and error correction
> is not the same.
> Oh, and they mention "keyboards". Many phones has keyboards with about
> 12 keys.  The neo has a touchscreen instead, its two keys are not used
> for text input. :-)

you're right.. what I meant while writing is that, since moko keyboard
is not reduced, it could even suggest words instead of only correct
errors without infringing T9.


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