ok, i got the usb connection going

Harry L. Lee harry at jonesnose.com
Fri Jan 9 01:06:27 CET 2009

now i'm trying to  opkg update.
the sed thing to fix repositories did not seem to work, so i copied using
more, cut and paste, each of the files to my host machine and renamed the
files oldname.orig on my openmoko. i put the "corrected" versions on my
website and used wget to pull them back. opkg update now fails with more
than just signature errors. the files are in
http://jonesnose.com/openmoko/etc/opkg can any one gimme a clue?
thanks in advance  be patient with me, once i get beyond clueless noob, i'll
be a useful contributor to the community

harry at jonesnose.com
Harry L Lee (via gmail)
chief cook and bottle washer
mailto:harry at jonesnose.com
207-384-8030 (email preferred)
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