GPS wrong longitude

Steve Singer ssinger_pg at
Fri Jan 9 02:40:08 CET 2009

> hi all,

> After the fix, Tango shows me on the correct position on the map
> but in the Trip tab the latitude data is completely wrong, more than 1
> degree west

> Does anyone have the same issue ?

Yes, tangogps 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 have an issue converting between coordinate 
formats in the western or southern hemispheres.  If you use the DD.dd format 
it should display the correct value.

> any idea on how to fix ?

I can send you the patch I sent Marcus back over the summer.  I don't think 
he has bundled a release in a while.

> many thanks,
> and, oh, happy new year
> Nicolas


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