On the Enlightenment Bleeding Edge

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Fri Jan 9 05:47:14 CET 2009

In the latest months the enlightenment world has got many updates, but
unfortunately the distros available for the FR don't provide the latest
versions of the E stack. This is quite normal since they have to share a
tested environment, but it makes so hard to use the latest tools (also
because the e libs have frequent changes).
That's why today I've given to my Toolchain another challenge :P:
compiling E from svn (but following the OE bitbakes configurations)...

After some hours, I got it and I was able to run the latest illume code
in my phone, but without breaking my Om2008.12 installation.
In fact I've installed all my new data to /usr/e17, that's why the
default e installation that comes with Om2008.12 is not touched at all.

If you want to try this too, you could simply follow these steps:
 - extract this archive [1] to / (it will automatically put all the
   needed data in /usr/e17)
 - editing the /usr/bin/enlightenment_start.oe script by adding the
   following code before of "exec enlightenment_start $E_PROFILE":
     export E_PREFIX=/usr/e17
     export PATH=$E_PREFIX/bin:$PATH
   (you've also to check that your enlightenment profile is set to
    "illume" in /etc/enlightenment/default_profile)
 - mv ~/.e/e/config /dev/null (or to any other location)
 - Restart your xserver with /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm {stop,start}
 - Now you may also configure E, from the wrench, to use the
   "software_16" rendering engine (it causes less quality, but more
   speed) and a lower framerate value...
 - if you prefer, you can also use an illume theme coming with SHR or
   Om2008.12, simply put it in ~/.e/e/themes/illume.edj

Ok, now you've a fresh install of Enlightenment running instead of the
default one (that can be resumed with a simple "rm -rf /usr/e17"), but
nothing more... However I didn't made this effort just to get the newest
environment (also if I'd be able to :P), but my final wish was giving a
try to ewww and libeWebKit [2]!

In few words webkit is going to support the EFL toolkit and Gustavo
Barbieri wrote a nice first implementation of this library in the ewww
Since the day I saw the announcement I wanted to try it in my phone, and
after that I got webkit compiled I had been able to see ewww in action:
[3], [4], [5]! Also if it's very young, it's so nice: very light, fast
and supports natively (thanks to the efl) the finger scrolling (that,
unfortunately, is quite slow :|)!

However, to try this too :P, you have just to extract to / this archive
[6] that will put to /usr/e17 the ewww data and the libewebkit library.

To run it (I was too lazy for adding a .desktop file :D):
 DISPLAY=:0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/e17/lib /usr/e17/ewww

I think that this could really become "our" browser in a near future...!!!

Soon, I'd like to give a newer try to guarana and enjoy (not forgetting
the latest elemetary stuffs!)... :P
Bye... ;)

[3] http://3v1n0.net/openmoko/ewww-3v1n0.net.png
[4] http://3v1n0.net/openmoko/ewww-flickr-Freerunner.png
[5] http://3v1n0.net/openmoko/ewww-google.png

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