so i try manually starting the x server with:

arne anka openmoko at
Fri Jan 9 13:47:31 CET 2009

is there any chance you could provide us with clear and full informations?
currently it's very hard to understand, what's going on on your side and  
what exactly your problems are.

please, give the following informations and remember, for further posting  
prepend the subject with the name of the distribution you are using (ie  
fso, debian, 2007.2, 2008.9, qtopia, ...)
- did you flash anything yet?
- if so, what exactly (uboot, image)?
- what distribution are you using? so far, i know nodm from debian only,  
but that might be wrong ...
- are you running from flash or from sd card?
- full error messages, not only guesses
- kernel version, u-boot version

and, please, refrain from belittling statements -- they are not likely to  
improve the willingness to help you.
and lastly: this is not "support", but "community" -- and even support is  
mostly a "users help users" thing ...

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