so i try manually starting the x server with:

Harry L. Lee harry at
Fri Jan 9 15:50:15 CET 2009

you can't read the tiny message text moving at light speed. i have an 8G uSD
installed, not running off it.
is why i mucked with nodm. so this  problem has existed since jul-16, which
is not very encouraging.

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 7:47 AM, arne anka <openmoko at> wrote:

> harry,
> is there any chance you could provide us with clear and full informations?
> currently it's very hard to understand, what's going on on your side and
> what exactly your problems are.
> please, give the following informations and remember, for further posting
> prepend the subject with the name of the distribution you are using (ie
> fso, debian, 2007.2, 2008.9, qtopia, ...)
> - did you flash anything yet?
> - if so, what exactly (uboot, image)?
> - what distribution are you using? so far, i know nodm from debian only,
> but that might be wrong ...
> - are you running from flash or from sd card?
> - full error messages, not only guesses
> - kernel version, u-boot version
> and, please, refrain from belittling statements -- they are not likely to
> improve the willingness to help you.
> and lastly: this is not "support", but "community" -- and even support is
> mostly a "users help users" thing ...
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