[FreeRunner / FSO] Still problems with getting a Fix (but not with agpsui) ?

Lothar Behrens lothar.behrens at lollisoft.de
Fri Jan 9 16:28:49 CET 2009


I am still in trouble with getting GPS working properly.

My installed image is FSO-image milestone 4.1 and I have replaced gpsd  
with fso-gpsd.

Running fso-gpsd and trying to telnet localhost gpsd mostly fails to  
get a fix.

Yesterday I seem to get better results. Zhone showed up at least two  
signals (not a fix) but today it failed.
But today there is really a nice weather.

Today I tried to install openmoko-agpsui to see the signal strength  
and - see a fix in less than
two minutes (1.20 min) while holding the phone outside my window. That  
compared to zhone, I will guess
fso-gpsd and the backend is very unstable in getting a fix compared to  
what openmoko-agpsui shows me.

What makes there so much difference between openmoko-agpsui (running  
gllin as seen in console)
and the zhone or fso-gpsd with telnet or even tangogps ?

I read something about dropped GPS data by kernel. How to see them to  
get a feeling that this is the
cause (docu / link) ?

If that is not the problem, could I ignore fso-gpsd and set tangogps /  
navit to use gllin as an interim solution ?

My signal strength inside the room 3 meters away from window is about  
(avg/current) 19/20, 28/27, 23/20, 25/25, 24/25
while holding FR in my hand.

Sometimes a satellite gets lost but it comes back. Placing the phone  
on desk decreases the signal down to ~19.
Then sometimes the satellites get lost. If I take it back in my hand,  
agpsui get's back a fix.

This behaviour is well known to my conditions in my room. Are they ok  
as described (hardware / antenna quality) ?

Any help is welcome. I will read the agpsui stuff to take a more  
scientific measurement :-)

Where are the results of those measurements, if anyone has done that ?

While all that, my Sandisk 16GB microSD card is mounted, issuing many  
ls command on it seems not to interfer
the signal. Also WLAN is on.



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