so i try manually starting the x server with:

arne anka openmoko at
Fri Jan 9 16:35:52 CET 2009

> i copied this file to my om but can't figger out what to do with it.

nope. that has to live on your host computer -- you need to flash it to  
the fr with dfu-util.
i strongly suggest, you read the wiki aboput flashing first!


> I tried some pretty creative stuff to press both keys, to no avail. if i
> press and hold power then press aux, something fundamental should happen,
> correct?

_hold_ AUX, _then_ press PWR and hold until the menu appears -- in this  

to flash at least u-boot you need to be in nor mode. again, see the wiki  
page mentioned above, there's a section on how to get in nor mode.

> if the power itself does nothing major,might that mean it's just
> being ignored?

for testing purposes you could hold pwr alone. after a few secs the aux  
led should flash shortly and the fr should vibrate for a moment and it  
should start to boot.
but afaiu booting itself was no issue, right?

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