[2007.2]what does "on" mean?

Harry L. Lee harry at jonesnose.com
Sat Jan 10 01:16:11 CET 2009

getting started saysthe freerunner only charges if it is on. people keep
suggesting i have zorched the battery. since I got my fr tuesday, it has
either been plugged into the charger or the usb port of my eeepc.if i unplug
it, the display keeps showing me the adcrdy loop, which says to me the
battery is not flat. is my thinking correct?
I have completely bought into the idea of reflashing to get to a clean
start.  i plan on looking at as many distros as possible:
the om "official" ones first (breadcrumbs home and all that), then fso, then
debian, then android. am i missing any?
a long message follows describing my boot problems
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