[2008.12] problem flashing u-boot

Harry L. Lee harry at jonesnose.com
Sat Jan 10 05:55:21 CET 2009

this command line:
./dfu-util -a u-boot -R -D uboot.bin

dfu-util - (C) 2007 by OpenMoko Inc.
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Opening USB Device 0x0000:0x0000...
Claiming USB DFU Runtime Interface...
Determining device status: state = dfuERROR, status = 14
dfuERROR, clearing status
not at least 2 device changes found ?!?
Opening USB Device...
No such Alternate Setting: "u-boot"
root at galaxy:/home/harry#

a nickel for a clue?

harry at jonesnose.com
Harry L Lee (via gmail)
chief cook and bottle washer
mailto:harry at jonesnose.com
207-384-8030 (email preferred)
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