[2007.2] flashing problem another potential solution

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Sat Jan 10 08:54:49 CET 2009

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009 6:33:02 pm Harry L. Lee wrote:

> tnx!

Not a problem.

> I got an 8gb uSD in anticipation of all this. i also have a 16, but
> i'm loathe to put it in.

I found I needed to change the environment variables in the NAND bootloader 
for my 8GB SD card to set the Glamo clock to a specific speed otherwise it 
wouldn't boot off the card. :-(

It's an ugly hack and if I can ever remember what I did to get it to work I'll 
document it! :-(

> not quite as shiny as ubuntu is ubuntu doing anything formal in this space?

Not that I'm aware off, I suspect this is a bit smaller than where they'd want 
to play.

> certainly,i'd prefer to live on debian in the absence of ubuntu. from what i
> read fso is debian based.

IIRC FSO is a Framework that runs on Linux, and the current FSO images are 
based on OpenEmbedded which uses opkg and not dpkg/APT.

> i'm thrashing on which to install next. on debian i've seen conflicting
> install methods.

The H1 install is literally repartition your SD into an 8MB VFAT and the rest 
as ext2 and then unpack the vfat tarball onto the VFAT and the ext2 onto the 
ext2.  I did that by putting the SD card into my laptop and doing it on there. 

> evidently there are flashable versions, as well as versions that do what I
> think of as a net install. i'd like to try both  the flash method seems the
> shortest least painful approach.

The flash is pretty small so you wouldn't get much of a system onto it.  There 
is an alpha version of Hackable-1 for flash, but I'd suggest sticking to the SD 
card for that and use the flash for something that works as a phone like Qt 

> i'd also like to get my uboot problems resolved. what uboot does one use for
> debian?

You can probably stick to the version you're using already.

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