nandwrite from inside fr: u-boot, boot-env, flash? was: Re: [2007.2 fr] boot prolems

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jan 10 11:15:07 CET 2009

> i needed to have a cellphone for a lifeline.

i am not quite sure, the fr is ready for that critical mission yet, you  
probably should keep a little, simple cell phone somewhere handy as backup!

for flashing from the running fdr: the opkg kernel packages do it, using  
it would be very interesting if on of the hw guys (andy?) could point out  
if the procedure works for flashing u-boot and flash (when running from  
sd), too.

for booting from sd: to get there you still need the boot menu -- unles  
even the boot env could be flashed from inside fr and, additionally, the  
menu could made show up by default (and boot the first entry after a  

so, basically the question to the more expereinced members of the list:
what exactly could we do with nandwrite and friends of mtdutils?

ps: just for informational purposes -- below the script _i_ use to flash a  
debian kernel to the kernel partition.


# cat /proc/mtd returns addresses and names of partitions
MTD_KERNEL_PARTITION=`cat /proc/mtd | grep kernel | cut -d':' -f1`

/usr/sbin/flash_eraseall $MTD_KERNEL_PARTITION
/usr/sbin/nandwrite -p $MTD_KERNEL_PARTITION /boot/uImage.bin

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