nandwrite from inside fr: u-boot, boot-env, flash? was: Re: [2007.2 fr] boot prolems

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Jan 10 12:54:30 CET 2009

> I don't think that's true - iirc the default boot command is just another
> environment setting, so you could change it to boot from SD instead of  

that's what i wrote later on -- but to change that setting you have to be  
in the nor mode ...
i mentioned the sd because it came up as means of flashing, and with a  
default configuration you need for booting from sd a hold/press aux/pwr  
combination as well as for nor mode.

> You could probably get it to do something other than boot too, but I  
> don't
> remember if there's a command to display the menu that you could use.

let's hope andy or someone else comes up with something.

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