[debian] RFH to create a usable illume setup

Nikita V. Youshchenko yoush at debian.org
Sat Jan 10 18:11:02 CET 2009

> > I'm seaching for helo from people familiar with illume on how to
> > configure it properly. Given information is found, I will probably be
> > able to build a ready-for-users package.
> Thanks for taking care of that.
> Note that although we currently have e17 in your (or pkg-fso’s)
> repository, you should plan your modifications outside that package, as
> we later want to be able to use the normal Debian package. I don’t know
> anything about e17, but it should ideally be a separate package, or a
> default configuration file installed by our installer into /root/.e*.

Let's first find out what and how should be configured.

Perhaps there could be better ways - such as making Debian's default e17 to 
run some hooks (maybe provided by a separate package) to create an initial 
configuration when illume is chosen.
Or to automatically display icons for installed debian apps (perhaps by 
providing proper hook for debian menu system).
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