GPRS unreliable: long lasting connection fail

Niccolo Rigacci niccolo at
Mon Jan 12 02:20:32 CET 2009


I cannot get a reliable GPRS connection lasting for some hours, 
while driving.

There is a problem with pppd, which does not restart the gprs 
connection when failed: it seems that pppd options "persist" and 
"holdoff" are not honored.

I opened a bug ticket, which did not get reply:

I tried Om2007.2 and Om2008.12 without GPS multiplexing: I
just stop gsmd (2007.2) or qpe (2008.12) before starting pppd and 
chat, but the problem is still there.

- Can gsm0710muxd (GSM multiplexer) help in some way?

- Does GPRS require pppd or are there different software 
  solutions? Don't know FSO, etc...

What are other experiences with long-lasting GPRS calls?

Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy

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