which SHR image

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Mon Jan 12 12:11:03 CET 2009

Fernando Martins wrote:
> I would like to try SHR but there are plenty of images in SHR image 
> folder. Which files should I get for flashing?

The latest is what you want, but of course there are several "latest" 
images too. At this time of writing, the latest is dated dec.16 and 
dec.17.  The images dated dec.17 don't seem to be newer, the upload
must have happened around midnight.

Some of them are described here:
http://trac.shr-project.org/trac/wiki/Get Started
This describes the difference between the "lite" image and
the image that isn't "lite". Basically, "lite" has fewer apps.

So most users don't want "lite", unless they want it as a basis
for customization.

Images with "gta02" in them are for the neo freerunner, images
with "gta01" in them are for the older neo 1973.

Images with very short names, such as
"shr-image-om-gta02.jffs2" are just links to images with longer names.
See the file sizes to see just which ones.

Files with "rootfs" in their names are root file systems (contains
standard linux software and distribution apps). This gives you three
files to choose from for a freerunner, assuming you don't want "lite":


The ".tar.gz" file is not an image for flashing. It is simply an archive
with all the files. It is useful in that you can extract the
files on a pc easily. You may then copy single files to the freerunner
in order to fix a botched customization without having to reflash. If 
you have customized over several weeks, then perhaps you don't want to 
reflash and start from scratch.

Both of the other two works. The "summary" file is slightly bigger, but 
is preferable. I have no idea why - but was told so.

You also need a linux kernel image, in addition to the root file system.
Kernel images all start with "uImage". The name contain "gta01" or
"gta02", depending on what phone they are for. Simply get the
newest that is correct for your phone.

You may also want a "modules" file. If you get one, get the one
that matches your kernel. If your kernel has "oe03" and "gta02" in
the name, then so should the module file. The "git" part of the
name should match too. Modules are extra drivers.  You don't
need them right away, I haven't bothered yet. You may need them if you 
want to do something slightly unusal, such as connecting USB devices
to the phone.

module files aren't images for flashing, you unpack them on the phone
using linux commands, after you have the SHR image running normally.

Helge Hafting

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