freeze on GTA02 with high CPU load

Jean-Philippe Andriot jipey at
Mon Jan 12 14:02:34 CET 2009


I just by a new FreeRunner and flash it with Om2008.12 (kernel, rootfs and u-boot)
But I have big troubles with it : lcd and everything freeze.
I use the default image and installed no package yet.

After doing some tests, I can tell that :
 + seems ok when phone is charging and running idle (lcd on, suspend disabled)
 + when CPU is running at 100% during a couple of minutes then freezes.
this happens easily while playing with contact list, location (moving in the map)
or going inside installer.
 + when frozen, next reboots will fail and freeze during X init.
I have to wait some time before being able to use it again. That makes the phone
totally unusable.

I think about something overheated, but nothing seems very hot. I checked battery temp
value before phone freezes and is around 280.

Is there any other temp counter I can check ? may I verify CPU voltage ? which other
test should I do ?

Any help would be appreciate.

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