[2008.12] Qwerty keyboard and wrench

naguz naguz at gmx.com
Mon Jan 12 15:03:42 CET 2009


Tried your patch now. It gives me the qwerty-"button" back, but it only
toggles the qte-keyboard. Not the illume one. The wrench is till not there,
so i have no way of changing it either.
It should have been possible to define which keyboard to use via ssh. Life
would bo so much easier then..
Not related to ypur patch:
I cannot get rastermans keyboard to work in hte illume-theme either. Only
the default illume one. Yet I have tried every guide in every wiki (well,
almost, anyway) to get rastermans keyboard working. I do not understand

Running OM2008.12, installed all availible updates

buergi wrote:
>> After using the neo for a while, again the qwerty keyboard disappears and
>> I
>> have to reboot to have it back.
> i've the same problem, but only sometimes, not very often.
> i've made a dirty patch package[1,2,3] for illume-theme-asu
> (0.0+svnr4783-r7.04) a few days ago, it works great.
> most of the time there is even no need to set
> QTOPIA_NO_VIRTUAL_KEYBOARD=1 anymore, but as you said i discovered that
> sometimes qtopia takes over and suddenly illume's keyboard is gone and
> the qtopia eyboard reapperars. after a
> rm -fr ~/.e ; /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart
> the illume keyboard is back again.
> the reason is that illume sets kbd.use_internal=0 in illume.module.cfg,
> no idea why.
> this patch also brings back the wrench, but the problem is that the
> content of the subdialogs are shifted right, out of the visible area,
> see the screenshot[4].
> i've no idea why that happens, or how to fix it, does anyone have an idea?
> buergi
> [1]
> http://pbuergi.pb.funpic.de/openmoko/pkgs/activate-illume-keyboard_0.1_armv4t.opk
> [2]
> http://pbuergi.pb.funpic.de/openmoko/pkgs/activate-illume-keyboard.tar.gz
> [3] http://pbuergi.pb.funpic.de/openmoko/howtos/howto_illume_kbd.txt
> [4] http://pbuergi.pb.funpic.de/openmoko/illume-cfg-dialog.jpg
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