Conflict when several apps use the accelerometers?

Thomas Otterbein th.otterbein at
Tue Jan 13 11:36:29 CET 2009

Hi all,

> > I plan to have a toggling script for use in the desktop icon, instead of
> > a starter script.
> This is the sort of thing that might be useful to have on the illume top
> shelf. autototate on/off, and "rotate now" when auto is off.
> Rotation is useful with maps. It depends on what the region look like.
> Also, it is easier to but the phone down on the long edge in a car.
> I can see how autorotation would be a problem in a game. Pingus works
> in either orientation, but several guys walk of the cliffs while the
> screen repaints.

to my opinion the default auto-rotation software should have some signaling 
mechanism that keeps it from doing it's job while a certain software is 
active. You can experience this with the later versions of MPlayer. It tells 
the Screensaver not to activate during movie playback. I figure the screensaver 
modules of Desktop-Manager must have appropriate interfaces to accomplish that 

For example if a program would like to gain exclusive control over the 
accelerometers it could create a certain file (e.g. 
/var/run/donotrotate_illdoitmyself). The default rotation software checks for 
this file and while the file exists it loosen it's grip of the meters. This 
would solve the issue of concurrent access too.
As far as I know the file could be created in a way so that even when the 
software crashes completely it is removed and therefore allow the original 
rotation-software to reactivate reliably.


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