My solution (was: Car Charger?)

Jan Henkins jan at
Tue Jan 13 16:06:44 CET 2009

Hi Jon,

On Tue, January 13, 2009 14:34, Jon 'maddog' Hall wrote:

> It would be nice to ask X11 to rotate everything 180 degrees.  Then the
> "top" of the Openmoko would become the bottom.
> Sounds like a good application of the accelerometer to me.

Yes, that could be a solution. In fact, in the Om2008 repos there is just
such a tool, called accel-rotate. However, I find it mildly irritating,
since it does not limit rotation to one "portrait" and one "landscape"
display modes, it can rotate the screen in all 4 directions. In some
applications this could actually be a very neat thing, depending on for
instance the type of holder you have to clasp your FR. Thusly, if you can
only put your FR into a holder upside down due to buttons/cables/whatever,
then accell-rotate will allow you to do just that.

Jan Henkins

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