buzz fix (was: Pulster offer - Freerunner now 249 eur)

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then unsubscribe from this list...or just don't read such emails...
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> > Please don't get me wrong, but one should not write e-mail in capital
> > letters;
> you don't think, there might be reasons?
> > concerning the archives, I think there are 100++ mails a day
> > and if you are refering to a good point you should point to that e-mail
> > in detail; the archives are good, but without some search engine ...
> the issue of buzz, fix and how and where have been discussed _so_ often  
> that anybody reading this list should know the answers by heart.
> for everybody else onbly the term "buzz" shouldN#t be more than enough to 
> find the plethora of mails answering drac2000's whining.
> i am sick and tired aof complaints like "i don't understnd why om is not  
> helping" -- om has given to understand, taht work is going on, that more  
> test has to be made and that they are working on how to provide the fixes 
> (lord, why did i write that? why did i not let him search all by
> himself?).
> if he thinks that is to much to carry for him, he should either sell his  
> fr or simply ask if there are any news on the schedule -- but these  
> constant complaints and accusations are driving me crazy!
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