Conflict when several apps use the accelerometers?

VirtuAlex virtualex at
Tue Jan 13 19:43:06 CET 2009

Thomas Otterbein wrote:
> to my opinion the default auto-rotation software should have some
> signaling 
> mechanism that keeps it from doing it's job while a certain software is 
> active. You can experience this with the later versions of MPlayer. It
> tells 
> the Screensaver not to activate during movie playback. I figure the
> screensaver 
> modules of Desktop-Manager must have appropriate interfaces to accomplish
> that 
> behaviour.
> For example if a program would like to gain exclusive control over the 
> accelerometers it could create a certain file (e.g. 
> /var/run/donotrotate_illdoitmyself). The default rotation software checks
> for 
> this file and while the file exists it loosen it's grip of the meters.
> This 
> would solve the issue of concurrent access too.
> As far as I know the file could be created in a way so that even when the 
> software crashes completely it is removed and therefore allow the original 
> rotation-software to reactivate reliably.

How about running two apps then, if they're both using accelerometers and
each requires its own orientation?
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