Call for SMS templates

"Bernd (Jesus McCloud) Prünster" bernd.pruenster at
Tue Jan 13 20:12:35 CET 2009

qpe hat an sms template managemnet. tthe shr apps don't.
if the community wants it i'm gonna write a keyboard layout consisting 
of sms templates.
before i can start i need to know which templates are wanted/needed.
if there is enough response i'll post one tomorrow (the contents of the 
kbd file) containing the suggestions ( i think one day should be enough 
to gather the most common ones).

i will let the mail containg the sauce of the kbd file then cycle so 
that it can be localized ( i only speak english and german, so i'll do 
the german localisation

my suggestion would be a row of the most common smiley/emoticons
next rows: (mybe using pngs instead of text if you have any ideas, 
please also append png files - don't bother i'l make them all look 
monolithic) Yes, something like "later" or @work. will call you later.

i am also posting this at the german freeyourphone forum. so the mail 
tomorrow will also contain the suggestions gathered from there

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