Multiple internet connections

Leonti Bielski prishelec at
Wed Jan 14 00:41:26 CET 2009

Is it possible to use multiple internet connections on Freerunner at
the same time?
Say I want to use ssh via GPRS, and all other programs via WLAN or
usb. Is it possible?

Real life example - in my university we have very good unlimited WiFi,
actually 2 of them. In my dormitory room I have connection limited by
proxy (no torrent :().
What I want to do is to leave my FR at school at some place safe,
connect it to wall charger, insert 4GB memory card in it, and turn on
gprs connection.
Then I would go home, log in to my phone via GPRS, then connect to
WIFI and start downloading some stuff via torrent on my memory card.
Neat :D


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